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We're changing the way we teach our online segments...

We took a brief respite last week, to rethink our online education element. Let's be honest, back in March we never expected that we'd be approaching the one year mark without in-person events. At the time IGLive seemed a fine way to get classes to you quickly and easily. Nevertheless, here we are almost a year later. So we thought it might be time to upgrade the classes just a bit. Oh, and don't worry, the online classes are still completely free of charge! Here's how we're going to adapt:

We've decided to switch from a live format, to a pre-recorded format, but we still want to be able to

answer questions. So each week (usually Sunday or Monday) we'll send out our normal weekly email, with a bit of notice on upcoming topics, so that you'll have a chance to submit questions to us via email or social media DM. This will allow us to upload video lessons to both Facebook and Instagram, and possibly soon, other channels (like a website option) as well.

Each month we are going to attempt to highlight one of the following topics each week:

Meet Your Grower- farm tours, or interviews with local ranchers, growers, producers of local products, and maybe a few not so local.

Beverages- these segments will almost always feature Jeramy drinking, no, but seriously he will use these segments to highlight wines, mix up a few cocktails and show you how to do so at home, and yes, we will include a mocktail now and then for those who prefer to avoid alcohol.

Cooking- Richard will be back with new recipes for you to follow along and try at home. We plan on posting the recipes ahead of time, in an easy to find location so that you can follow along.

Technique classes- Sometimes Richard, sometimes Jeramy, sometimes special guests will show quick and easy kitchen tips. Want to know how to sharpen your knives? What's the best way to care for a cast iron pan? What bar equipment do I actually need to be an at home mixologist? Can I substitute baking soda for baking powder? We'll have answers and demonstrations for you.

Videos will still be posted Tuesday@2, but most of the time, won't be live, so you that you'll be able to watch at a time most convenient for you.

We hope you'll be along for the journey as we transition into this new format.


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