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2021: The Best Laid Plans...

If 2020 taught us anything, it's to never count on plans. The year looked so very different from what any of us could have guessed. Word of the year? Pivot. We pivoted and pivoted to the point our heads seemed to be spinning. But? We made it. We did it. We got through it. And you know what? In some ways we felt more connected to you than ever before.

Switching to an online education format and the ensuing pains associated, was something teachers everywhere went through, including us! Week after week, we tried new ideas, and slowly learned what you found most engaging. We realized that you love meeting local growers! You liked our on site farm tours more than any of our other educational videos. You also loved segments featuring wine and cocktails, and boy do we get that. We really do. Viewers were also apt to ask Chef Richard pressing cooking questions via email and direct messaging. But not so much in the live format. Perhaps, you're shy?

We learned not to count on any planned events. No in person Meet Your Growers or Winemaker dinners, no indoor classes, no cooking camps, no to anything in person. That's a whole lot of No. So we learned to come up with new ways to say Yes. Yes to take-out and take home meet your grower meals, yes to instructions to create a fine dining experience in your own home, yes to at home wine pairings, yes to having Chef Richard come to your backyards. Give us any way to safely say "Yes", and we'll take it!

So what to look for in 2021 from The Kitchen? Look for more pre-recorded content, with a chance to submit advance questions. Look for monthly themes with a seasonal focus. Those themes will extend into educational content, take home menus, and more. A small preview: January? We're focusing on healthy meals- you know the kind you resolve to eat more of, but life gets in the way. We've got you covered. February, bring on the love! It's all about that greatest of human emotions and its many forms. You'll see fun partnerships with our friends at Venue Unknown, and other local businesses to bring a little extra love to your own homes. March will mark one year since Chef Richard had to cancel a trip with his mother to visit her birthplace. So this year, he will take us on a culinary journey through his ancestry. And the rest of the year... even better. Stay tuned and engaged with us. We'll be offering new catering menus, new farms to visit, new partnerships, and lots more. We promise to bring you the best of culinary and beverage adventures to the best of our ability. We know a few more pivots lay ahead, and we're okay with that, as long as you're with us for the spins! Here's to an incredible year ahead, we're ready for whatever lies ahead.


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