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We're so happy to welcome

you to The Kitchen!


The Kitchen is a space devoted to cooking, food and friends. It's our kitchen, dining room, office, studio and atelier. And every day we cook. We create recipes. We talk about food. We eat. Simple.

Jeramy Brown has a true passion for the restaurant business. This passion began as a teen when his first job was working with his grandmother at Chalet Basque. He still names JB and Marie Curutchague as mentors. Over the years, Jeramy has gained an incredible knowledge of service, wine and cuisine. Jeramy brings over 28 years of hospitality perspective to The Kitchen.  In recent past years, Jeramy was a manager and wine buyer at McGee’s Restaurant, co-owner of Valentien Restaurant, and currently the Director of Food and Beverage at The Padre Hotel.   

Richard Yoshimura initially pursued a career to be a history professor after graduating from
UCLA. However, his passion and palate for cooking and baking led him down a culinary path.
So rather than being a starving graduate student, he decided to become a chef. After
graduating from the California School of Culinary Arts in Pasadena, CA, Richard began his
career at the Patina Restaurant Group where he became the sous chef of the pastry
department. In his 5 year stint, he produced pastries and desserts for 20 different fine dining
units within the company and also catered the Emmy awards, the Hollywood Bowl and
LACMA. He then was the pastry chef of Cafe Del Rey in Marina Del Rey, the opening chef of
MILK in Los Angeles and most recently, the co-owner of Moo Creamery in Bakersfield. After 20
years in the restaurant business, Richard is now the chef instructor of the kitchen, becoming a
teacher after all.





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